Katazome Today: Migrations of a Japanese Art

February 11 - June 11, 2023; Lightcatcher building

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Learning to Look

ends: December 31, 2024
Art isn’t limited to paint on a canvas. We can see it in the natural world, historical objects, and the architecture around us. We all have the tools to appreciate […]
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Catalog of Past Exhibitions

The Whatcom Museum was established as a municipal entity in 1944 (then known as the Bellingham Public Museum), operating out of the 1892 Old City Hall building. The year 1968 […]
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History Exhibits at Old City Hall

Ongoing; Old City Hall The Museum’s 1892 Old City Hall building features a variety of exhibits that tell the stories of the building’s architecture, the city’s early days, logging history, […]
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John M. Edson Hall of Birds

Opened March 16, 2017; Ongoing; Old City Hall This exhibit in Old City Hall provides a glimpse into the local history and culture of the Victorian Era, when taxidermy flourished […]
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People of the Sea and Cedar: A Journey Through the Tribal Cultures and History of the Northwest Coast

Ongoing, Lightcatcher People of the Sea and Cedar, in the second floor gallery of the Lightcatcher building, shares the history and art of the Northwest Coast people, blending both historical […]
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