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Printing Photos from the Museum Archives

The Whatcom Museum sells copies of images from its Photo Archives for personal use, research, exhibition, home and business display, and for publication to non-profit and commercial entities. Images are NOT to be used for publication or posted on the Internet without prior approval and licensing from the Whatcom Museum. Contact Photo Archives for more information on how to order.

Black and White Photographs

5″ x 7″                                                         $10
8″ x 10″                                                      $15
11″ x 14″                                                     $20
16″ x 20″                                                    $40
20″ x 24″                                                    $60

Other Copy Fees Per Item

Finding fee per image                                             $3
Print-out from database                                         $.25
Large format copies of maps/drawings              $1.50/sf
Digital image (low-res jpeg, already scanned)  $2

Photographic reproductions will be either made in the darkroom or as digital inkjet prints depending on image format. The standard paper is Resin-Coated (RC), available in Pearl/Luster or Glossy finish. Darkroom Fiber papers are no longer readily obtainable, so a price quote will need to be furnished based on availability.

Large Prints

Prints larger than 20″ x 24″ are digital inkjet prints made from a scan resized to the finished dimensions at 300 dpi. Larger prints and mural images require spotting (see custom scanning charges). The following are examples to give an idea of cost and may not represent final cost.

24″ x 30″                                                     $110
28″ x 34″                                                     $135
34″ x 38″                                                     $150

Beyond personal and educational use, all images obtained from the Whatcom Museum must be licensed (fees may be applicable) as specified in writing for one-time, non-exclusive use with proper credit.

Mounted Prints

For an additional fee, photographic reproductions can be mounted on a lightweight quarter-inch gator-board backing. Larger murals require half-inch gator-board. Lamination and edging are also available and prices vary according to the combination of options selected.

Digital images

Previously scanned jpeg images are $2 per image. Copied from our database they are usually 1 to 3 megabytes and can be sent via e-mail attachment(s) or burned to a CD (add $2; $5 if shipped).

Custom scanning

Custom scans start at $10 (equivalent to 8″ x 10″ grayscale at 300 dpi tif or 5×7). Scans larger than 8 MB are $1 per each additional MB. (Examples: 20 MB scan is $22; 38 MB scan is $40; 50 MB scan is $62; 75 MB scan is $85).

Custom scanning must have prior permission from the Whatcom Museum and is for a one-time, specific use only. A signed permission form agreeing to stipulations of use is required and a licensing fee usually applies. Images can be uploaded to ftp site or shipped via CD (disc + shipping add $5).

Scans include basic corrections and basic dust spotting. Further “cleaning” of images (removal of dust, scratches, and other blemishes), particularly on greatly enlarged images, will be charged at a rate of $40 per hour (or $10 per 15 minutes). Not all photographs were created equal, and results of enlarging are dependent on the quality of the original or the print available to scan from. A new reference print may need to be made (from original negative) for which there is a fee of $10. The reference print remains with the Photo Archives.

Research & Image Use:

The Photo Archives Research Room is located in the Syre Education Center at 201 Prospect Street, and is open by appointment only (closed to walk-ins). Email orders and inquiries also accepted.

The Photo Archives collections are accessible during public hours through the Whatcom Museum’s in-house database (Past Perfect 5.0). Using the database, researchers may search on their own across all photographic and archival collections using a name(s) and/or word(s). Print-outs from the database are 25 cents per page. The Research Room also contains local history books, city directories, maps, reference materials, and other resources that patrons may search.

The Photo Archives staff will provide assistance in research and answer questions regarding photos, history, and purchasing/use of photographic copies. Staff cannot undertake open-ended research projects for patrons, does not provide genealogical research services, nor does the Museum offer proofreading, fact-checking, and/or editing services for patrons’ manuscripts and other work.

Downloading of images from the Whatcom Museum web page in no way transfers either copyright or property right, nor does it constitute permission to publish in excess of “fair use” or to display materials. Use of images from the Whatcom Museum in publications, websites, or other historical work does not represent validation of that work nor vouch for its historical accuracy or completeness. The staff does not provide testimonials or promote non-museum works. The Photo Archives does not grant exclusive use of particular images, cannot appraise the monetary value of photographs, does not address legal questions, such as tax and land use issues, property boundaries, or biological/married relationships.

Commercial use of Museum images, e.g. packaging, advertising, decor, does not represent an endorsement of that commercial entity’s products/services by the Whatcom Museum. The Whatcom Museum reserves the right for the Collections Committee or Museum Director to review appropriate use of images.