El Zodiaco Familiar

June 19 – October 24, 2021; Lightcatcher building

Exhibition by George Rodriguez Ceramic artist and sculptor George Rodriguez embarks on a collaborative iteration of the Chinese Zodiac. In an homage to its origins in Chinese folklore, Rodriguez has reimagined the classic zodiac animals as analogous creatures of Mexican origin, bridging cultures and creating new narratives. El Zodiaco Familiar—the fifth iteration of Rodriguez’s Mexican […]


Photo of band performing

The Scene: A Timeline of Whatcom County’s Musical Past

April 2, 2022; Old City Hall

“Bellingham was coming to life in a certain way with all sorts of bands forming and all sorts of things going on.” —Ken  Stringfellow, founding member of The Posies, interviewed Dec. 23, 2019 From string bands on steamboats in the 1890s, to symphony orchestras, barbershop quartets, jazz bands, folk singers, and alternative rock groups in […]