Welcome to the Family Interactive Gallery!

The Family Interactive Gallery (FIG) is an interactive, hands-on museum space that has been offering innovative, engaging, and interactive experiences for children of all ages and their families since 2009. By offering self-directed exploration, play, and learning together, the FIG provides educational opportunities in many critical areas, including science, technology, art, innovation, problem-solving, early childhood literacy, and social and cross-cultural experiences. Visitors can explore activity stations, create art in the FIG Studio, or participate in activities.

The FIG helps deliver a rare experience in the museum world: world-class art galleries and a family-oriented interactive space under the same roof. The innovative pairing offers opportunities for kids to experience “grown-up” art on their terms. The FIG integrates works of art, photos, and objects, such as mounted birds, from the Museum’s collection.

The FIG offers a wide variety of programs that explore art, STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art and math), and early childhood learning. Check our online calendar for a schedule of educator-led and self-guided activities, open studio hours & special family events.

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