Boy painting

Want to get crafty and keep kids engaged and learning at home? You’ve come to the right place. The Whatcom Museum is committed to serving our community, and we’re excited to offer new online resources for kids and families. Here you’ll find a selection of at-home activities, from science experiments to craft projects, developed by our Family Interactive Gallery (FIG) staff. 

Caregivers can also find links to other learning resources to cultivate curiosity. 


Check out the activities below and download a printable PDF complete with a materials list and instructions. Check back often as we continue to add activities that are sure to banish boredom. We aim to feature crafts and science projects that can be done with materials found in most homes. Let us know if there’s a specific topic you’d like to see covered by filling out our contact form.

Treasure map on crumpled paper

Pirate Treasure Map

Ahoy matey! Create a pirate map for your favorite treasure. See the map-making process in action here.


Paper in an open box

Treasure Hunt

Shiver me timbers! In honor of “Talk Like a Pirate Day” on Sept. 19, let’s be pirates and find ye treasure.


Paper circles with a penny in the middle

Penny Spinners

Kids will be mesmerized by these fun and easy spinners! Watch our video tutorial here.


Tic tac toe board made of sticks and rocks

Tic Tac Toe

Get outdoors and gather materials to create your own version of this classic game.


Butterflies made of colored paper coffee filters

Chromatography Butterflies

Create colorful butterflies using markers, coffee filters, and simple science. Check out this video to see the activity in action!


Leaves and flowers being pressed into clay

Coffee Clay

This easy-to-make dough is fun for nature prints, sensory play, and DIY fossils.


Bubbles coming out of a plastic bottle

Bubble Snakes

Have some fun in the sun with this exciting upcycled bubble-snake maker. Watch our video to see the activity in action.


Cards with painted leaf prints

Leaf Print Cards

Make these easy leaf print cards to send to someone you love in this time of physical distancing.


Soap volcano experiment

Foam Volcano

Watch colors erupt using household items in this foamy at-home science experiment! See the activity in action here.


Decorated driftwood stick

Driftwood Wands

Take a walk along the shores of one of Bellingham’s many water banks to find the perfect stick and create a magic wand.


Colorful milk in a bowl

Colorful Milk “Fireworks”

Create exploding “fireworks” with simple ingredients in this colorful science experiment. See the activity in action here!


Scavenger hunt list outside

Scavenger Hunt

Get outside and enjoy the summer sun with this fun sensory filled scavenger hunt.


Paper rocket ship with fire

Paper Tube Rockets

Design a rocket inspired by the historic launch of the Dragon Crew on the SpaceX Falcon 9 and Endeavor capsule!



Balls of ice cream

Astronaut Ice Cream

Make these delicious crunchy ice cream cookies inspired by the food astronauts eat while in space.



Homemade lava lamp

Lava Lamp

Engage little learners with this groovy science experiment. Want to see the lava lamp in action? Check out our YouTube video!


Painting with strings

Pulled String Painting

We pulled some strings to bring you this fun art project!


Maze craft

Number Maze

Kids can learn numbers and simple addition using this easy cardboard maze.


Swirl painting

Swirl Painting

Kids can learn about mixing primary colors with this unique painting process.


Mud pie craft

Magic Mud Pies

Explore many textures and sounds as this mud becomes magic in this squishy sensory activity! Check out our YouTube video to see this activity in action. 


Items arranged by color

Rainbow Knolling

Knolling, the process of organizing things in parallel or 90 degree angles, is a fun and artful way to get creative with everyday objects you have around the house.


Paper flowers

Blooming Flowers

These blooming paper flowers are the perfect spring activity for all ages! To see this craft in action, check out our YouTube video.

Instructions & flower template

Puff paint craft

Puffy Paint

This simple two-ingredient puffy paint is great for creating sensory art like puffy clouds or indoor snowmen.


Leaf rubbing art

Leaf Rubbings

Spring is here! Take a walk to gather leaves to create some colorful nature art.


Painting with toy cars

Wheel Painting

Explore mixing colors and get some gross motor movement with this “wheelie” fun painting style.


Splatter paint

Splat Monsters

Kids will huff and puff to create these cute little splat monsters.


Science experiment in a jar

Weather in a Jar

This STEAM rainstorm is a fun way to observe how water travels through clouds.



Bubble Solution

Need more bubble solution? Make your own with these household products. No wands? There’s a solution for that, too!


fake snow

April Snow

Snow in April? Anything is possible thanks to some simple ingredients. 


Salt painting

Watercolor Salt Paintings

Kids can work on their fine motor skills while making this masterpiece out of salt


Balloon painting

Balloon Paintings

Happen to have extra balloons? Fill them with water for an art project that pops!


Pig made of soap

Soap Sculptures

This simple, shape-able dough is sure to make hand washing tons of fun!



Nature Paintbrushes

Take a nature walk and gather material to create these fun natural paintbrushes.


Shape experiment

Exploding Shapes

Banish boredom with this STEAM activity using simple household products. 


Paper buildings

Building a Community

Kids can practice early engineering skills by designing their own town out of paper!


FIG Take-Home Kits

Our Family Interactive Gallery is excited to offer take-home kits for birthday parties and art projects! Each kit contains supplies and instructions for a fun hands-on craft or birthday celebration. Kits are recommended for those age 3 and up.

You can choose from two birthday themes and three art-focused crafts. Birthday kits are designed for a family of four, while art kits are designed for one child. Kits come with a handy resource guide for parents with suggestions on how kids can continue the fun after the craft is done. 

Enchanted garden birthday kit

Online resources

We’ve compiled a list of online activities and learning opportunities offered by other museums and organizations so you can keep kids entertained at home. Scroll down for creative content for all ages.

Museum Fun

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Smithsonian Learning Lab: Understanding history, art, culture, and the sciences

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Boston Children’s Museum: Play and learning resources

Kohl Children’s Museum: Stories, activities, and experiments 

Hands on!: Coronavirus guide for curious, courageous kids

Air and Space Museum (Smithsonian): Air and Space Anywhere

Tate: Tate Kids (games and quizzes, videos, kids’ art, etc.)

American Museum of Natural History: Science website for kids

Glazer Children’s Museum: Online activities

Other Resources

Summer science resources for families 

Smithsonian Science Education Center: Curriculum and resources for distance learning

Audubon Society: Activities and resources for kids

Printable time capsule for kids by Long Creations 

Icons of Washington coloring book from Washington State Historical Society 

Professor Puffin YouTube: Bird-drawing video tutorial

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