Group of 13 people of different ages and genders holding signs that say Team Nature, Team Art, Team History and Team FIG standing in a courtyard in front of a glass window wall

Black thermometer graphic with a red heart in the bottom with the words Whatcom Museum Giving Week, Which part of the Museum has your heart. A banner with the dates June 14 through June 18 are to the left of Giving Week

Which part of the Whatcom Museum has your heart? That’s the question we’re asking during our first-ever Giving Week, June 14-18, 2021!

It’s no secret that the past year has been tough, and we’re not out of the woods yet. Nearly all of our revenue streams have been affected by the pandemic. While our community has been incredibly generous (thank you!), the continued uncertainties and slow ramp-up back to normal means that budgets remain tight. In order to continue to serve our multi-faceted mission, we need your help.

Giving Week is an opportunity for you to support not just the Museum as a whole, but specifically the part of our mission that means the most to you!

What is Giving Week?

This is a week to show your team spirit and support the parts of the Museum that mean the most to you. Do you love bringing your kids to the Family Interactive Gallery (FIG), but aren’t really into looking at art? Or maybe you’re a local history buff, but have no interest in birds or other natural history topics. That’s okay! The Museum’s multidisciplinary mission has something for everyone, and we want to know what you’re passionate about.

So, which part of the Museum has YOUR heart? Are you…

Team History If you enjoy learning about the rich and storied past of our community, then you’re definitely on Team History! From the stories of the Indigenous people who have lived here from time immemorial to the founding of Bellingham as we know it today, the Museum is proud to bring history to life through exhibitions and programming. Watch this video and hear why our Photo Archivist Jeff loves Team History.

Team Nature This is the team for lovers of natural history. It includes our founding collection of birds, of course, but also exhibitions and programming about our natural world, including the industries surrounding our natural resources. Watch this video to learn why nature has lead educator Drew Whatley’s heart.

Team Art Do you love visiting world-class exhibitions of art? Perhaps you’re passionate about preserving the region’s contributions to the art world through our permanent collection, or maybe you enjoy programs and workshops that dive deeper into artists, theories, and processes. If so, then Team Art is for you!

Team FIG If you’re on Team FIG, then you already know what an incredible space the FIG is for the youngest minds in our community to learn-through-play!

Once you’ve picked your team, show your love by making a donation towards it! Your gift will directly support the part of the Museum that you’re the most passionate about, providing critical funding to exhibitions, programming, and more.

All week long we’ll have exciting emails, YouTube videos, and social media posts to pump up the excitement. You’ll be able to see how each team is doing throughout the week, so be sure to join our eNews or social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube).