bird program Larrabee school, 5-4-05WE OFTEN THINK “SCHOOL” when we think of learning, but the fact is, most learning occurs outside the boundaries of formal education — schools and libraries are just a small part of a much larger (and growing) dispersed network of knowledge sources, including art and history institutions like the Whatcom Museum.

It’s a role we embrace wholeheartedly! Education is central to the Whatcom Museum’s mission, as a center of cultural expression and inquiry. Our Museum educators are devoted to developing a rich variety of learning opportunities related to art, Northwest history, and nature for all ages.

Discover more about the Museum’s adult, family, school, and early-childhood programs, such as tours, classes, and workshops. Be sure to check out our Events Calendar for details about current activities. Learn more about our school tours and programs. Access a variety of art, history, and Native American teacher resources. We look forward to engaging with students at the Museum!

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